Portable Optical Instruments 40X Jeweler Identify High Power Double Led Light Eye Loupe Pocket Hand Hold Magnifier AA - 451 Lens

LeeTun Amplifying Diameter 1.5 23mm Zoom Optical Iris Diaphragm Aperture Condenser 12 Blades for Digital Camera Lens Microscope

screws sets, 451 lens

Led 144

100-200x/20-800x/25-500/20-800/1000x/1600x. Zh114000. Outdoor observation, night star observation.... E mount len. Spectral charactristics: Prism. Monitor battery. Usb laser distance meter. Plane lens. Optical glass optics double concave lens and double convex lens set. Set onigiri. Sw-q120. 9cm x 10cm x 4cm. Tube telescoping. 635nm,< 1 mw. Eakins. Soldering magnifier. Magnifier 100mm. 8x32 telescope. 

Wholesale Stand

Area measurement: 9° = 1 m / 3 m. 106*35*73mm. Hv108a+10a. 4x, 12x. Eb203. Angle wood tool. Usb 2.0, compatible with usb 1.1. Wholesale loupe head. Field of view: : Laser range finder. 

Phone Gadget

Mount ring sony. Glasses clip. Tools pcb. Inpelanyu. Approx. 208mm/8.18''. 121*56*28. Rectangle. Green,black,white. Testers & measurements. Microscope toy set. 

Spotting Telescope With Tripod

Wholesale artsnie top. Fold92*45*15mm. Led quantity: Approx 165*150*45mm. Abs & metal. Type c cable. 160x60x58mm. 380-650nm (during daytime mode). 260*180*50mm. 2.1 x magnifier. Lazer co2. Wholesale mount telescope.